Learning with technologies

Learning with technologies

This is the article written for the assignment of the course “Internet Cultures”.

It is obvious to anyone that Technologies are changing the learning style.
Many software are being made to make learning more effective and personalised one.

Technologies that change the classroom activities

  • classroom quiz & polling apps
    there are many apps for use in the class. By using polling app, teachers can assess every student’s understanding and make students involved in the class.
    5 Tools to Create Classroom Polls & Quizzes(EdTech Review)
  • homework
    The style of homework is also changing. Recently, students are sometimes told to watch the short video on Youtube as homework.
    Teachers say the students tend to watch the video at the time of commute time with their smartphone.So, the teachers make the video in the short length(around 5 to 7mins) and make fonts bigger so as to let students feel comfortable to read them on the small screen.

Home studying

Especially in the students preparing for the exam, managing the study time
and keep motivation are difficult things. Recently, this “study SNS” is becoming popular in Japan.

  • Study plus
    This is the Studying SNS in Japan.The users record their studying time on this service.
    Recording the time and contents are effective to make their efforts clear. Besides, the users can see the performances of others, that also make them motivated.
    Study Plus.

What the changes will happen to the schools?

I still believe the schooling system gives various kinds of essential experiences to the students. They can learn how to make friends and maintain the relationships, and recognising the people who have different opinions is really nice thing. However, the technologies can change the learning style in the classroom and they make education more personalised one. This is a really preferable things as we can achieve more tailored education to everyone.

What is the ideal change in education with technology?

There are various approaches to change the learning styles and there may be some disadvantages. However, what I expect for the technological innovation in education is to make learning more interesting and attractive one to the learners. Thanks to internet technology, we can search things for huge amounts of information, express our learning in a creative way and show and exchange opinions to the people around the world.

From my personal experiences, I surely believe technology makes education attractive. By coordinating the tools effectively, we can create more and more wonderful learning experiences to the learners.



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